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Recover Vpn subscription.

You can Share VPN One Click subscription from your old iPhone/iPad with a new one.
All you need to do is login to VPN One Click app using the same Apple ID and tap “Restore Purchases”.

Only if doesn't work (be sure you have used the same Apple id used for the purchase)answer these questions,send us all the details and open a ticket :

  • From what device did you purchase the subscription?
  • mac? Iphone ? ipad?
  • are you using the same Apple id used to buy the subscription?
  1. Open the app then the menu by tapping the Top-Left icon in the Main Screen
  2. Click the icon with the double square (copy icon)
  3. Paste the username Inside the ticket
  4. Please send us the payment copy.
  5. Following these instructions you can find the payment copy:

Send us the request to :
Open a Trouble Ticket.

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