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The VPN asks for a password

if the VPN asks for a password, means your vpn settings are old and you need to update them.
Please remove any previous vpn configuration from: “Settings”, “General”, “Profiles”. Tap on the “Vpn One Click” profiles and tap again on “Remove”.
Than remove every Vpn (One Click) manually configured by going on: “Settings”,”Vpn”. Tap on every Vpn found and tap again on “Delete Vpn” button at the bottom.

In the case the Profile are not present, the Vpn configurations are still present and the delete button is not available, you have a broken configuration. To remove it proceed as follows:
- tap on the vpn configuration to modify it;
- change the type of Vpn to IPSec and tap on Save;
- tap again the Vpn Configuration it should be present the delete button, tap on it and confirm the remove;
- repeat the previous steps for every Vpn configuration still present.

Please Open vpn one click and tap “UPDATE CONFIGURATION”.
Download the profile and then test the vpn.

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